Controlling an RGB Mediawedge range

The Print Control module allows you to monitor the stability of your RGB prints to guarantee your customers consistency in printed reproduction, but also to anticipate technical problems.

By default, we offer an RGB Mediawedge type range of 72 patches, but it is also possible to customize your range with the "Color table" module.


Importing a Print Control .pctrl file

In the chapter "Creating a reference from a printed RGB gamut" we have created a .pctrl file containing the information necessary to check your prints.
The first step will therefore be to import this file.

For more information, see the chapter: Creating a reference from a printed RGB MediaWedge



Once imported into Coraye, the "Print Control" file appears in the left column with a check mark.

Print Control RGB 2.png

Start the procedure

To start the measurement, all you have to do is right click on the file and select "Start control"

Print Control RGB 3.png

If the range is not already printed, you can download it in Tif or Pdf format
To start the measurement, click on the "Start reading" button

Print Control RGB 4.png

Select the measurement options, then click the "I'm ready" button

Print Control RGB 5.png

Position your spectrophotometer in its calibration position


Click on the "Start calibration" button

Print Control RGB 6.png

Measure the range

The procedure for measuring an RGB gamut is identical to that of a CMYK gamut
For more details, we invite you to read the chapter: Checking a standardized CMYK Mediawedge gamut

For more information, see the chapter: Controlling a CMYK Mediawedge range

Print Control RGB 7.png

When the range measurement is finished, the report is displayed.
A history of controls is saved in the "Print Control .pctrl" file and appears in the right column when the Print Control file is selected in the left column.

Print Control RGB 8.png

To perform other checks, just "Start control" on the .pctrl file ...Print Control RGB 10.png

... and measure the Mediawedge range.

Print Control RGB 11.png

Each new control is added to the history of the .pctrl file.
The measurements and the results of the control are stored in the file.

Print Control RGB 13.png

Extraction of previously performed measurements

Just click on the purple icon.

Print Control RGB 14.png

To compare the measurements in 3D, it is possible to display them in the Gamut Viewer

Print Control RGB 15.png

Delete a measure

To delete a measurement, you must click on the blue icon then on the trash can icon.

Print Control RGB 17.png

Creation of a label or report in pdf format

Print Control RGB 18.png

Short report label

Print Control RGB 21.png

Control report

Print Control RGB 19.png

Print Control RGB 20.png

Saving the Print Control file

To save the .pctrl file on your computer, right click on the Print Control file then select the "Export" option

Print Control RGB 16.png