Export a color table to the Roland Versaworks RIP

The Versaworks RIP is software developed by Roland to control their brand's large format printers.
This RIP is compatible with color charts in .spot format

Import a table

The first thing to do is to drag and drop your color table in Coraye or to perform a file / Open to select your color table.
Coraye is compatible with .cxf, .aco, .acb, .ase, .csv, etc ...

For more information, see chapter:  Importing a color table

Export the table in Roland Versaworks format

By right-clicking, you will have access to the export functionalities.
Select "Export"

Export Roland Versaworks 1.png

A new window appears
Select the “.spot Versaworks” icon

Export Roland Versaworks 2.pngCertain export formats require customization, which is not the case for exporting tables in Roland DG's .spot format.
Validate by clicking on the “Export” button

Export Roland Versaworks 3.png

Save your .spot file to the computer where your Roland Versaworks RIP is installed.

Export Roland Versaworks 4.png

Import the .spot spot color table into the Roland DG Versaworks RIP

In the Roland Versaworks RIP, click on the "Edit" tab then select "Spot Color Setting (N)"

Export Roland Versaworks 5.png

In the “Spot Color Settings” window, click the “Download from File” folder icon

Export Roland Versaworks 6.png

Select the previously saved .spot file, then "Open"

Export Roland Versaworks 7.png

The file appears in a new "Import Spot Color Library" window.
Click "OK"

Export Roland Versaworks 8.png

The spot color table exported by Coraye is installed on the Roland Versaworks RIP.

Export Roland Versaworks 9.png

Video: How to Import a Spot Color Table into the Roland Versaworks RIP

Link to a Roland tutorial explaining the use of color tables in the Versaworks RIP