Export to Adobe Photoshop

Import a table

The first thing to do is to drag and drop your color table in Coraye or to perform a file / Open to select your color table.
Coraye is compatible with .cxf, .aco, .acb, .ase, .csv, etc ...

For more information, see chapter:  Importing a color table

Export the table in Adobe Photoshop format

Photoshop is compatible with the Adobe Color Table .aco format

By right clicking, you will have access to the export features.
Select " Export "


A new window appears Select the ".aco Photoshop" icon


Give a name before saving your file (for example: My Color Table.aco)


Import into PhotoShop

Open Photoshop. In the " Window " tab, select " Swatches "


Display the Swatches palette drop-down menu by clicking the down arrow in the upper right corner of the palette window.
Select " 
Load swatch " from the drop-down menu.


Select your color table (.aco) then click on the " Load " button.


The colors from your color table will be added to the current swatches.


Now new colors are ready to be used in your design.

You can also display them as a list to easily see the name of the colors.

List colors.png