Support and Download

Downloads of the latest versions of CORAYE software and Plugins (Spectrophotometers and color engines) are available via the Dashboard.

Log in to your personal space with your Email and your password.


Move the mouse over the icons on the left, then click on " Softwares " or " Plugins " to access the download pages.


Download the CORAYE software

Here you can download the latest versions of CORAYE version for MAC OS or Windows


You will find the installation and update procedures in the chapter Installation and maintenance.

For more information, see the chapter: Installation and maintenance

Downloading Plugins

Plugins are essential for the functioning of Coraye. You must install the latest version of the color engine (example: ArgyllCMS) as well as the plugins of the spectrophotometers you are going to use (example: Myiro, I1 Pro, Barbieri, etc.)

When you update your Coraye software, you must also update the plugins


Once the software and plugins have been downloaded, install them.

To find out more, see the chapter: Installing and managing plugins