Export of a measurement file made with Coraye to the XRite I1 Profiler software

Just as it is possible to import measurement files from XRite I1 Profiler to Coraye to calculate icc profiles, the converse is also possible.
This means that you can create and measure a chart in Coraye and then calculate the icc profile in I1 Profiler.

1) Export of the measurement file in .table format

This procedure begins at the end of the measurement of the range containing the color patches serving as a reference for the creation of the ICC profile.
To know the previous steps, refer to the chapter "Creating a profile from a standard pattern"

To save the measurement file at the end of the reading of the chart, click on "Export reading"
The file is saved in the left column.
You can rename it to better identify it, for example: P7500 Photo Paper 260gr

Export Coraye to I1 Profiler.png

2) Select the .table file in the left column then right click and "Export".

Export I1 Profiler 3.png

3) Choose .txt format (CGATS)

Export I1 Profiler 4.png

4) Select export options:

- RGB or CMYK depending on the mode
- Name (optional)

I1 Profiler does not support other options

Then click on the "Export" button



5) Save the .txt file (CGATS) so that it is accessible when importing into the I1 Profiler software.

Export I1 Profiler 6.png

6) Launch the I1 Profiler software

In the "Printer" zone, select "RGB printer" or "CMYK printer" depending on the mode of the ICC profile to be created.
Click on "Characterization"

Make sure that you have the license allowing you to perform the calculation of ICC profiles.

I1 Profiler.png

7) Importing the CGATS file into I1 Profiler

Drag and drop the CGATS .txt file onto the "Measurement" icon.

Export I1 Profiler 7.png

8) Select the reading mode used when measuring the range (Coraye).

Click "Ok" to start importing the measurement data.

Export I1 Profiler 8.png

9) Change the ICC profile version in "Profiles Settings"

Choose: Version 2

Export I1 Profiler 9.png

10) Name the ICC profile in the "File name" field

Specify a path if you want to save the profile to a specific location.

Then click on the "Save profile" button

Export I1 Profiler 10.png

11) Calculation of the profile

The profile creation progress status appears on the "ICC profile" icon.

Export I1 Profiler 11.png

12) End of the procedure

When the calculation is finished, the profile is saved on the computer, a representation of the gamut appears as well as an alert message to signal the end of the operation.

Export I1 Profiler 12.png