Table of prerequisites

Coraye training

In order to master the use of the software, it is necessary to acquire certain notions on color management and the various functions of Coraye.
To help you, we have created a table listing, by module, the skills you should have acquired.

Basic knowledge to be acquired by module 


Color Capture

Color Table

Gamut Viewer

Print Control

Him Reader

Spectral Viewer

RGB Profiler

CMYK Profiler

Coraye Installation

Light and color



Additive synthesis



Subtractive synthesis



Color communication


The dependent color modes: RGB, CMYK


Independent color modes: Lab, Lch, XYZ


Spectral values



The density


ICC Profiles


Reference color spaces


Non-reproducible colors


The Gamut



The Delta E


The Delta Ch, H, L



How a spectrophotometer works



Standard and Observer illuminants



Modes M0, M1, M2, M3



Presentation of Coraye

Sample measurements


Import swatches into Photoshop and Illustrator



Use a color chart in PhotoShop



Import of color charts in a RIP





Management of color charts



Pantones color charts




Creation of a color chart intended to be printed



Preparation of a color chart for cutting



Preparation of a metallic color chart 



Shade search


Color conversion


Color comparison



Quality control of RGB prints and CMYK proofs



Fogra standards



Spot color control



Cabin control



Brightness, CCT, Ra, CRI



Paper white control



Creation of RGB profiles



Creation of CMYK profiles


Creation of simulation profiles


IT8 type range control



Average of several ranges