The Gamut

The gamut represents the 3-dimensional modeling of the colors of an ICC profile or an image.

Usually this graphic representation is displayed in a 3D Lab space.

In the example below, we can compare the gamut of the ICC profile of an Epson SC-P7000 printer with the gamut of an image.


In this example we can see by superimposing the two gamuts, that the saturated blue of the jellyfish image comes out of the reproducible color gamut of the printer.


As we saw in the chapter on ICC profiles, the ICC profile is made from the measurement of a range of color patches.
Thanks to the Gamut Viewer, we can compare the measured colors with the ICC profile generated from these measurements.


The choice of the range and the number of patches is decisive when creating the ICC profile.

To find out more, see the chapter: Gamut Viewer in the Coraye manual

Non-reproducible colors

In the example below we have displayed in the Gamut Viewer the profile of a printer, that of an image and a saturated color.
As we have seen previously, we can see that some colors of the image cannot be reproduced faithfully as well as the color Yellow. 

Gamut flower.png

The Gamut Viewer tool is an educational tool that allows you to check color reproducibility without the need to print.

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