Importing a measurement file made with the XRite I1 Profiler software

If you use an XRite spectrophotometer (I1 Pro, I1 Pro 2, I1 Pro 3 & 3+ or an IO table) that does not have the licenses to calculate the profiles, you still have the option of using the XRite I1 software Profiler to create and then measure RGB or CMYK ranges.
Once the measurement of the range has been carried out, all you have to do is export the measurement file in Coraye to calculate it in our CMYK Profiler or RGB Profiler modules.

Export I1 Profiler to Coraye 0.png

Export of the measurement file in CGATS CIELab.txt format

In the XRite I1 Profiler software, when you have finished measuring the gamut for creating an RGB or CMYK profile, save your file containing the measurements.
To be compatible with the Coraye software, the files must be saved, in the folder of your choice, in the formats:
- I1 Profiler CGATS CIELab (*.txt)
- ProfileMaker5 CGATS CIELab (*.txt)

Export I1 Profiler to Coraye 1.png

Importing the CGATS CIELab file (*.txt) into Coraye

This feature requires that you have the Coraye RGB Profiler and/or CMYK Profiler licenses, depending on the type of RGB or CMYK profile you want to create.

1) Launch the profile creation module, then click on the "Create a characterization" button